Monday, October 31, 2011

SWOR HavocTrooperBuild08

Crash and Burn babie, or as my daughter says "epic fail" and on so many levels too.

First off this is how far i got last night. At around 3am I kept nodding off after every cut and glue, I kept making cutting mistakes and really sloppy gluing. At around 4am I realize that at the fail level :(

It wasn't like i was not getting allot done it's just that allot of the little detail pieces took soo much time that it really felt that way, like for example this. I also had to build these separate and then glue them on or else they became a real pain

This was the least of my problems, later on at around 5:30am my son woke up and i broke the news to him and also tried on the almost finished helmet and Bam. Not only did i not get this done on time but also the helmet is too tall and thin.

With the bottom pieces added the helmet sits on his shoulder with the top of his head never touching. I couldn't believe it. I tried it on my self and my big noggin fits in it but it's thin so it hugs the side of my head, the depth is fine and the bottom also sit traps with the top of my head not touching.....

Well looks like it's back to the drawing board for me, I'll have to go back to the model and rescale, I might even go in there and add a little bit more geometry to help fix some part and if i can clean some of it up. Since this isn't getting animated or morphing I'm figuring that i can afford to have some more triangles in there.

There's a weird peacefulness and calm to failing. Everything keeps moving as normal but you or at least I feel this weird stillness. Like I'm just an observer and not really there.


Oh well's, can't sit here forever. Time to get up, dust myself off and start climbing again. :P


captein_rex342 said...

when you are done with the fixing will you send it to me?

GAR said...

Good review!
if you make some modification send me the file.

Lion_0 said...

No worries guys, i'll send it to you once i'm done.

sean de leon said...

really good model, could you send to me: my email is
please :D