Sunday, November 13, 2011

SWOR HavocTrooperBuild10

I finally fixed the helmet model and cleaned it up some. Just need to unfold it so i can print it out and start the pep work on it again.... :( Oh well such is life.

On another note i finished modeling the chest piece. I'll also have to unfold this, then print and pep work :) Joy!

Baby steps, baby steps :P

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

SWOR HavocTrooperBuild09.1 Pep Warping :(

So one of the issues that has come up is pep working and it has me worried and i have to give it some thought before i proceed to even think of resining this helmet.

The helmet is warping on me in several spots. Maybe it's cause my pep skills aren't that good yet, or maybe cause it's the elmers glue that i'm using but but as you'll see below it really cheapens the helmet's look.

The opening itself is not oval the way i had modeled it, instead it has loped on me somehow. It's really noticeable from the back view and it just bugs me. It gives the feeling that it got left out on the sun and started to melt.

I was hoping that i built it, it would go away like some on the top of the helmet that did go away as i added more geometry, Sadly it didn't tho.

Next is the muzzle area, what a pain it was to pep this section let me tell you. When i unwrapped it i didn't realize that the little center pieces had all split up and it was a night mare to cut and glue all those little pieces together. Worse then the little bolt that will hold the visor.

As you can see, with a little bit of pressure it goes back to it'supposed spot.

Same thing with the visor, just a little pressure and bam, just fine. Maybe when i rework the model i'll add geometry closing off the visor to help reinforce it. I can then cut it out once i've rhondoed it.

I did a little R&D on the forums and it seems that these problems will go away if i reinforce the areas with some extra cardstock in places to hold it in the right place and then resin it. The resin is supposed to help it hold it's form, i can then get rid of the reinforcements. I'll keep researching.

SWOR HavocTrooperBuild09.0

Hey there Gang, here's an update for today.

After yesterday's crash and burn I was going to scrap the helmet i was working on and go straight back to the modeling phase to fix some issues that arose. No worries guys i'm still am going to back and work on the model some more but i didn't scrap the pep that i was working on. Instead i figured i did so much work on it i minus well finish up and see if i can spot other problems for when i go back to rework the model Here r some pics.






Out of curiosity i had my teenage son try it on and for him it fit just right. Granted a little snug on the side from the problems i had encountered but only that problem. Heh i guess his neck is longer then mine go figure. Anyways I'm going to go ahead and finish this helmet for him in case he wants to dress up next year in it but i'm also going to go back and rework the model to fix the other issues that i'm having.

I still to finish pepping the visor for this helmet

I've also have encountered other issues tho that i'll have to address, like the opening needs to be widen some and i'm also having pep issues too in the sense of it warping on me. I'll post pics of this in another post.

Monday, October 31, 2011

SWOR HavocTrooperBuild08

Crash and Burn babie, or as my daughter says "epic fail" and on so many levels too.

First off this is how far i got last night. At around 3am I kept nodding off after every cut and glue, I kept making cutting mistakes and really sloppy gluing. At around 4am I realize that at the fail level :(

It wasn't like i was not getting allot done it's just that allot of the little detail pieces took soo much time that it really felt that way, like for example this. I also had to build these separate and then glue them on or else they became a real pain

This was the least of my problems, later on at around 5:30am my son woke up and i broke the news to him and also tried on the almost finished helmet and Bam. Not only did i not get this done on time but also the helmet is too tall and thin.

With the bottom pieces added the helmet sits on his shoulder with the top of his head never touching. I couldn't believe it. I tried it on my self and my big noggin fits in it but it's thin so it hugs the side of my head, the depth is fine and the bottom also sit traps with the top of my head not touching.....

Well looks like it's back to the drawing board for me, I'll have to go back to the model and rescale, I might even go in there and add a little bit more geometry to help fix some part and if i can clean some of it up. Since this isn't getting animated or morphing I'm figuring that i can afford to have some more triangles in there.

There's a weird peacefulness and calm to failing. Everything keeps moving as normal but you or at least I feel this weird stillness. Like I'm just an observer and not really there.


Oh well's, can't sit here forever. Time to get up, dust myself off and start climbing again. :P

Sunday, October 30, 2011

SWOR HavocTrooperBuild07

Oh man, I'm feeling the pressure. I haven't finished the pep phase and i only have today left to get this done. I really wish i had more time, oh well, I'll just have to improvise some more and maybe only resin and a quick coat of paint. I really would like to rondo the inside it just all depends on how long the pep phase will take me. Here's a pick of where i left off at 4am and also a pic of some of the pain in the ARSE parts. Note to self figure out how to do this type of detail with an actual bolt or something. :P

Saturday, October 29, 2011

SWOR HavocTrooperBuild06

Early update today, this is how far i've gotten with the helmet thus far. From the looks of it, the helmet will probably be the only thing i'm able to do for mon. My son will just have to wear his old clone trooper costume i bought him last year but with the helmet. If i can get anything else done in time i will but we'll have to see. Hopefully i'll be able to finish the pep work today and can start the resin, if not that will have to wait untill tomorrow when i'll also Rondo sand and paint.

Friday, October 28, 2011

SWOR HavocTrooperBuild05

Oh man that took a long time, I finished prepping the file in Pep, broke it down and arranged it all nice an snug into pages. That was slow tedidious work, but oh well. On to some cutting and gluing. Here is a pic of the pep file after all the work and my work area with some previous attempt where the helmet came out to big and too small. Now i have it set at 12inches high. A happy middle if you will so i'll take a break from the computer to start building this. Then sometime tonight i'll start modeling some of the armor. My plan is to really simplify the armor and try to just paint in some of the detail so i can get it done in time for mon. :$

Thursday, October 27, 2011

SWOR HavocTrooperBuild04

Wow, where did last week go? I inherited my brothers dog Spaz whom i luv's a great deal and had to stop everything to build him a dog house with wood that i found from around the farm. Needless to say this has hampered my costume project.... Oh well, at least Spaz has a nice warm house to sleep in now and i have to rework my plan.

I finished drawing up the rest of the armor, all lower body. I also finished modeling the visor for the helmet. Next I'll go into Pep and set up the helmet and visor for print and start that up. If I at least get the helmet done I'll be happy and I'll do a super fast rest of the body.

Omg only 4 days till Hallows Eve :P