Friday, October 28, 2011

SWOR HavocTrooperBuild05

Oh man that took a long time, I finished prepping the file in Pep, broke it down and arranged it all nice an snug into pages. That was slow tedidious work, but oh well. On to some cutting and gluing. Here is a pic of the pep file after all the work and my work area with some previous attempt where the helmet came out to big and too small. Now i have it set at 12inches high. A happy middle if you will so i'll take a break from the computer to start building this. Then sometime tonight i'll start modeling some of the armor. My plan is to really simplify the armor and try to just paint in some of the detail so i can get it done in time for mon. :$

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Darth Rob said...

Good luck on getting it done by Monday. Work swift and non stop.