Saturday, October 15, 2011

SWOR HavocTrooperBuild03

Holy smokes I'm tired. Finished doing my R&D on how to export and unfold in Pep. Wow do i have a journey in front of me also it took me allot longer find resources on how to do this. Anyways enough whining, I finally got around to drawing the elbow, forearm, and hand armor. I can't believe how much detail the forearm armor has. I kept watching the trailer and i was like man, for all the detail this has you should be able to take out a sith no problem with it. I mean seriously why soo much detail on a part really doesn't seem to do much? Anyways hope you enjoy. I'm off to bed and tomorrow I'll try and tackle the unfold of the helmet. Sadly I'm broke and can't afford the program so i won't be able to save. Scary, it will all have to b one pass and done. If I'm done with that in good time I'll draw up the hip piece and a thigh.


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captein_rex342 said...

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