Tuesday, November 01, 2011

SWOR HavocTrooperBuild09.0

Hey there Gang, here's an update for today.

After yesterday's crash and burn I was going to scrap the helmet i was working on and go straight back to the modeling phase to fix some issues that arose. No worries guys i'm still am going to back and work on the model some more but i didn't scrap the pep that i was working on. Instead i figured i did so much work on it i minus well finish up and see if i can spot other problems for when i go back to rework the model Here r some pics.






Out of curiosity i had my teenage son try it on and for him it fit just right. Granted a little snug on the side from the problems i had encountered but only that problem. Heh i guess his neck is longer then mine go figure. Anyways I'm going to go ahead and finish this helmet for him in case he wants to dress up next year in it but i'm also going to go back and rework the model to fix the other issues that i'm having.

I still to finish pepping the visor for this helmet

I've also have encountered other issues tho that i'll have to address, like the opening needs to be widen some and i'm also having pep issues too in the sense of it warping on me. I'll post pics of this in another post.

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