Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hulking out

Well i guess a bad day has to follow a good day or else how can u tell it was good right. Well today was one of those for me. Hr and half in traffic just to get to work and hr and half to get home. A good 3 hrs of just sitting in a car. Yeah i'm a bit pissed but such is life. It must mean that tommorrow has to be a better day. :P
Either way I couldn't think of what do draw in my anger so a fellow coworker mentioned to do a hulk since i do have one on my desk. Fudge it here it goes.


Todd Oman said...

I am SUPER impressed with this Hulk, WOW!

david gemmill said...

haahha awesome man!! it always pays to use cartooning as an outlet to life. if you didnt have it you might beat your kids or do meth or something.


nice linework and detail.

Puga Vida said...

fucken amazing! But im still sore from keeping that pose. At least you got my abs, hands, big feet, and big crotch right! good job