Saturday, January 05, 2008

My new Demo Reel

Ok long time no post but i have a goody for you guys and gals out there. I have finally finished my demo. :P Yay :P So here you go hope you enjoy.


John said...

man that was a riot I love it. How you been my man? Me I'm still doodeling and stuff, I'm working on a recent coloring book contract with Crayola....hope it works it'self into something bigger. Other than that check out my blog I've posted some new stuff over there with Shera the jungel princess tell me what you think?


Stephanie R. said...

Thats so awesome, great job. I'll see you at work tomorrow!!!!! :D So happy!

Ryan Green said...

Great reel, Lionel! I see you're able to move to back and forth between dimensions (2D to 3D). Keep posting!

Printer said...

We met at the show, If you recall we are the printers from Wisconsin and you wanted to know the name of the comic book distributer. It is called Haven Distributors. They are located in Skokle IL. ( Chicago ) I have placed their link below.
I had chance to look at your Blog and new website. The video was excellent!
If your comic print run, some time in the future, is about 3,000 copies or over please call or email me and I will give you a very four color competitive quote. With your talent that will not be to long from now, so stay in touch.
It was a great show for us and I hope for you too. We will be looking forward to seeing you at the next show, again in San Francisco, at the Wonder Con.
Kind Regards and the best of luck,
David Sorlie
Western Sales Manager
St. Croix Press, Inc
New Richmond Wi