Thursday, November 08, 2007

New Old Stuff :P

I had to scan in some art work i had drawn up in my sketch book to get to a writer whom is rewriting some material for me for the first Miss A Bomb Episode. Oh joy I'm soo looking forward to seeing what she has written. Well for now here is some of that artwork which i scanned in. Wow i can't belive that i did these in 06 and now we're near the end of 07 and about to start 08. Wow how does time fly.


Todd Oman said...

What in the world, you are still alive! It is about time you updated this blog, unfortunitly I was there when you did those sketches damn you. I demand new material!

Stephanie R. said...

cool sketches. I really like the mechanic looking guys.

Uh, yeah... I'm not coming back to bbt. Sorry. But I'll see you again soon! I promise!

Richtoon said...

nice sketches!